Let’s be real — I know most people don’t have time to take a bath everyday. Maybe moms of multiple small children will laugh at this suggestion but…making bath time a priority for you when you can can have a hugely positive benefit on your life.

I went about 10 years without taking a bath. I kind of forgot about them. Also in college I shared one bathroom with 7 girls and well, it wasn’t exactly the kind of tub you want to take a bath in considering how infrequently it got a good cleaning.

Anyway, when I do take a few moments to chill in the bath, I find it extremely helpful for my mental well being. It’s also a good chance to use things like essential oils and epsom salts. I’ve been really into using salts lately.

As very physically active person, my muscles are usually sore somewhere — especially now that I’ve gotten back into CrossFit. Seriously, so many muscles hurting — so much epsom salt needed. I got a couple of samples recently from the San Francisco Salt Company and I’m loving it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 6.17.48 AM

1. Relaxation
You almost can’t NOT relax if you are in a tub of how water with nowhere else to go!

2. Solitude
Hopefully you can shut your bathroom door and tune out the world. Just being with yourself is a great time for personal growth.

3. Helps With Sleep
The San Francisco Salt Company makes a version of their salt specifically to help guide you into sleep so if you have trouble with that, a before-bed bath might be your answer.

4. Time to Read
I love to bring a book into the bath with me. I don’t know about you but finding time for quality reading is tough. Be careful not to drop it if you have a Kindle like me!

5. Silence
When do we ever get that? It’s almost weird when it happens — but so worth it to clear your mind and see what God — or the universe — or even yourself has to say that’s meaningful.

Taking at bath is one of those things that you want to do but always put off. Do me a favor — put it on your calendar this week and just DO IT. Recognize these benefits and focus on what you got out of it. Then do it again next week.

Do you take baths? What do you like about them? 


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