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Last week was infertility awareness week — and Sunday was Mother’s Day. I intended to publish this post earlier but here I am, finally doing it!

I’ve written about my IVF journey before but sometimes it’s more interested in hear it via video so I did my second Facebook Live video this week to explain a bit more.

I feel like I make it sound like it’s “no big deal” — which is not what I intend to do. However, I will say I had a great experience and would encourage those considering IVF not to be afraid.

I also realize there are ethical issues that come into play — and I’d like people to be aware that some clinics do offer the option of natural-cycle IVF, which isn’t talked about very often. In this process, the clinic uses the ONE egg you naturally produce each month rather than taking drugs to produce a bunch of excess eggs. Long story short — you will only create ONE embryo, rather than multiple — which can give many women peace of mind when it comes to the creation of life. The clinics don’t talk at all (from my experience) about the creation of multiple embryos — and it’s something you really need to think about. I feel very conflicted about my experience on that front and plan to donate my unused embryos to embryo adoption so they are available to those unable to bear their own children.

There’s so much we can get into regarding this subject but I’ll save it for another day if I feel like there is any interested in it.

Here’s my video on going through IVF:


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