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I wake up at 4:30 a.m. most days — after a rather short, restless night of sleep. Then I work from home full time, while taking care of Jacob (with a part-time baby-sitter) — and all that can kind of take it’s toll on a girl. Not that I’m complaining — just setting the reality out in plain sight.

I mean this when I say it: I could NOT do it without eating the right things to sustain me — especially the first meal of the day.

I truly believe the right foods make ALL the difference when it comes to energy, endurance & clear-mindedness.


One of my favorite breakfast items lately is Jimmy Dean Delights breakfast sandwiches. I LOVE breakfast sandwiches but normally steer clear of those items at fast food restaurants. I’m so happy I found this product though because it includes real ingredients like whole eggs, lean meat and real vegetables.

I have a HUGE sweet tooth but sugar highs do NOT get me through the day. These sandwiches have the protein I need to start a very long, busy day off right. Bonuses:

  • No sleepy slumps
  • Sustained fullness
  • Energy to power through morning and afternoon
  • Reduced cravings later on 
  • Fast, easy, nutritious

Also — they warm up in the microwave in two minutes. Hey, I’m not opposed to cooking but my days don’t have any extra time for that right now. Ain’t no shame in a microwave breakfast when you’re just trying to get things done. I swear everyday is like running a marathon while juggling on a unicycle. Something like that.


Because I care about real ingredients & fueling my body right, it makes me feel GOOD knowing that I’m eating eggs, which I know are good for me.

I kind of like this little video Jimmy Dean put together called “The Morning Swap” about a mom and a farmer switching lives. I totally relate to the mom — funny & cute:

Long story short, I totally recommend picking up a pack of these next time you are at the store. I know I will be getting them on the regular. I love easy & good for you 🙂

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