Things I'm loving, Missing and hating

So life has been a bit sporadic lately but I wanted to check in and let you guys know how it’s going — and what I’ve been loving lately 🙂

Loving: Morning smiles with Jacob — they are so gummy and delicious and whole-hearted. I love that I can make him break out into coos and giggles!

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Loving: Indiana sunsets! I don’t know why I notice sunsets more now but the sunsets here are just gorgeous. I never thought of Indiana as a particularly pretty place but the over the cornfields ad on the horizons each night, I am thankful to be here. It’s pinker and and more gorgeous, perhaps because we are not as in the city here? I don’t know but I’m in awe almost every day.

Missing: Night is no longer a relaxing time for me (not that is has been since November but still isn’t… ha ha) because I’m always thinking about when I will wake up to feed or check on Jacob. Even when it’s Rick’s turn, it’s hard to relax because I am worried about HIM getting enough rest (he already has trouble sleeping in general.) I miss relaxing with a good movie or TV show & not worrying about sleep!


Loving: Jamie Ivey Podcast! My sister turned me on to this a month ago and I’m a full on obsessive fan! I am meeting so many wonderful women through Jamie’s interviews and being inspired in a million different ways. This is actually the first time I’ve EVER gotten into a podcast!

Missing: CrossFit! I know I already talked about this but I totally miss that community and hope I can find a good home box in the future. There’s something about seeing the same faces each day and getting in with a community of people as you all try to better yourselves. So positive & encouraging!


Loving: Larabar. I know Larabar has been around forever but for some reason, I didn’t think I liked them all that much. I started picking up the Uber bars (the ones with mostly nuts) and liked those but this week I grabbed the peanut butter chocolate chip flavor. I don’t know what I’ve been waiting for. I like Larabar because they have very few ingredients and are pretty pure as far as that goes. I’ve been trying to eat more of those kinds of foods – and it’s definitely making a difference in how I feel.

Missing: I’ve been missing time with my girlfriends lately! I used to be able to just drive over to Michelle’s and get away for a few hours but now I can’t do that. I love love love hanging out with my family but getting together with friends is much harder here than in DC. I’m also looking to make new mom friends and so far, I’m not there yet. But we are moving to a new area of the city soon and then I will really try to put my roots down.

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Loving: Adidas Pure Boost X running shoes. I got these shoes for free and didn’t expect to love them. When I first put them on, I didn’t like the way they felt. But, now I love them. They are fitted tightly around the arch, are very lightweight and super stylish, IMO. I have worn them to run and also wear them almost daily with my yoga pants to run errands, etc. I love the look and the feel so win-win! I’m already thinking I will wear them out very quickly.

Hating: The GOP primary…as many of you know, I work in politics and this season has been a…shitshow. Sorry! I would say I’ll be glad when the primary is over but I don’t think the guy I want is going to win so, I’ll be dealing with the hatred possibly for the next 9 years.  Ha ha!

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Loving: Hello Fresh meal delivery service. I’ve raved about them on Instagram but not here. It’s so perfect for me because I hate getting take out all the time and I also hate meal planning. But..I do enjoy cooking up a decent, healthy meal, it fulfills me in some way. With Hello Fresh, you get a three healthy meals per week, all that you can cook in around 30 minutes — fresh ingredients and a variety of dishes. Plus you can choose from 5 dishes each week. I don’t get this for free or anything, I just like it a lot! Oh but if you want to try them out, you can get $40 off your first week by using this code: JVEAKD

BONUS Loving: Fuller House! I have only watched 1.5 episodes but… the first episode was absolutely perfect. If you have seen it, you know how good the dig at Mary Kate & Ashley Olson is! I am so taken back to the good old days — Full House was DEFINITELY my favorite show as a kid. I mean — three sisters and our ages aligned almost perfectly!

What are you LOVING lately? I’m always looking for things to check out!

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