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Oh baby boy — 4 months old, I can’t believe it! I feel like he’s been here forever but really, it was exactly this time last year that he began growing! I don’t believe it was even confirmed I was pregnant yet. It’s insane how much happens in one year. To think he was a small as a barely visible dot and now here is, toppling 15 pounds and sucking on his arm right next to me 🙂

Weight: Doctor tomorrow, guessing like 16 pounds?

Sleeping: Bassinet begone! He now sleeps exclusively in the Pack n’ Play and in the Magic Sleep Suit each night. Bedtime is always 7pm, which kind of got screwed up this week thanks to Daylight Savings. He is a very active sleeper, plenty of kicking and squirming, but mostly stays asleep. Lately, he’s not been taking a bottle till around 3 or 4am, then sleeping again until 6 or 7am. I’m not sleeping so well with him in the room but it’s better than it used to be. We will probably  move him to his own room in the crib around 6 months.


Napping: Naps are still all over the place. He doesn’t like to sleep during the day though I always try to get him down if he’s been up for at least 2 hours. The swing and rocking help but…it’s always a battle.

Eating: Still exclusively formula fed and drinking 30+ ounces a day depending on the day. Drinks every last drop of all bottles, never spits up and doesn’t burp much. Thankful this area isn’t difficult!

Likes: Looking at the mobile, watching the TV screen, getting his face tickled or caressed, morning time, playing in his vibrating chair, looking out the window on car rides, mom and dad making funny faces & talking in high pitched voices 🙂

Dislikes: Naps, being tired, doesn’t love baths but doesn’t hate them, being confined in a baby carrier when not tired.

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Other things: Jacob smiles all the time. I know I mentioned last month but it seems to get more every day. He’s very expressive and delighted by so much in the world. I love when I’m driving and I look back at him in his seat, and he’s just looking up at the window with a huge grin, just fascinated by the lights & whatever he’s looking at. Mornings are also great, when I go into pick him up and he’s so happy to see me. When he lights up for me or Rick, we feel like it’s such an honor that we bring this much joy. He seems like he’s going to be a fairly happy child but what do I know? 🙂

Childcare: We have a daytime babysitter 2-3x a week and I wing it the other two days. It’s really hard and like a juggling act but I am not ready to commit to full time childcare. Our babysitter is a sweet college girl who goes to school nearby. Her schedule seems to work well with what I need. I often leave to go work at the bookstore because i can’t stand to hear Jacob cry and not go to him!


Coming up: Thinking about starting to feed him something other than formula though I may wait until 6 months for that — what’s the rush? We may be moving soon…that will be crazy! Also, thinking about planning a vacation out West where we could take Jacob hiking once he is old enough to be worn on our backs. Anyone ever done that kind of trip with a baby? He is usually good at falling sleep in a carrier!

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