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First Off

You guys — I’ve been feeling so uninspired lately. I guess being a full-time mom with a full-time job leaves little room in your brain for much else! I’m still new at this 🙂

I used to write regular pieces for The Daily Signal (my old workplace) and other places as well. I would hear about something, become inspired and just zip it off. I love the feeling of fulfillment I get after a piece is completed and published.

It’s been FOREVER since that happened. I even sat down yesterday and willed myself to come up with a freelance piece. It’s like my brain has lost all connection to ideas & inspiration. Here’s to hoping I get back there soon. Any ideas?!

The Walking

That being said, my sanity lately has been my daily walks with Jacob. I love baby-wearing that kid — and now I can see why people have so many different carriers. One — there are a bazillion to choose from. Two — they are all good for different things.

I’ve now tried 4 carriers: Ergo, Ring Sling, K’Tan and a Chicco. The only one I don’t like is the Chicco — it’s kind of generic, sits too low and doesn’t allow enough manipulation. I wore it for a 3 mile walk and my back was dying at the end. Gonna return! I like the Ergo for long walks, the K’tan for more leisurely walks and Ring Sling for just chilling out somewhere.

Anyhow, now that the weather is nice (yay!!!!), I just love getting out there for a nice, long walk. With Jacob, I can’t power walk really, so I’m forced to slow down, take the scenery in and kind of just chill out. Usually I can get him to fall asleep, which is good because this kid is anti-nap (help!)!

Since I can’t muster the willpower to do yoga in the house, what many people head to for some peace of mind, this walk has been that for me. I enjoy the Indiana scenery around my apartment — lots of land, cornfields, ponds, houses with picket fences.

It clears my mind and feels amazing — for now! I know summer will be harder cause the air isn’t quite so FRESH then. For now, I’m taking in the gorgeous, spring-ish weather and walking to my heart’s content (sometimes content takes like 6 miles ;)! )

How does a daily walk help you?

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