Goddesses. That’s the word that comes to mind when I see a Mom with three little ones in tow at the grocery store.

I kind of stop and stare and think about how I feel like I don’t have a moment of downtime, and all I’ve got is a 3-month-old.

I know, my sister told me, when you have more than one kid, taking care of a young baby seems like a piece of cake. (And now she’s about to have her third!)

I don’t think my life is impossibly hard or anything but when I imagine adding a 2-year-old or more to the mix, it sounds…kind of impossible.

Working full-time from home is part of that but either way, keeping 2+ kids alive, well fed and paid attention to is a monumental task.

I’ve recently gotten more into the Christian blogging world, reading more people like Jen Hatmaker, Sarah Bessey & others. It seems like there’s a trend in these families to have 4+ children — and these ladies are maintaining websites, pumping out books, speaking at conferences…I am seriously not sure how they are doing it.

Anyway, I guess all good mamas are goddesses in their own way but extra special cheers to those of you tackling your days with multiple! I hope to join your ranks someday.

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