Jacob 3 Months

Weight: Over 12 pounds (haven’t weighed him awhile though)

Sleeping: Jacob will not fall asleep on his own. He must be rocked! If not, I believe the kid would literally stay up 24 hours a day. He usually goes to sleep for the night around 9pm, though we are trying to get him to bed closer to 7pm. He wakes up between 12-2 to eat, then again between 3-5 to eat again. I’d love to eliminate that middle feeding but right now, it’s still happening! I’m up for the day with feeding #2 so always hoping it’s later than 3am! Unfortunately, I never sleep well because i wake up all the time thinking he is going to wake up.

Naps: Naps are a huge struggle right now! I’m reading “Healthy Sleeping Habits, Happy Child” — and I want so much to abide by the structure there. It basically tells me he should be sleeping close to 12 hours a night with THREE naps during the day. There are some days we get by with pretty much no napping! Car rides and the swing always make him sleep but the book says those aren’t “good sleep” situations. He would just rather be awake and “playing” otherwise, I guess. However, at 3 months, he’s still kind of young for tons of structure so I will keep putting the book’s recommendations into practice and hope it works.

Jacob 3 Months 3

Crib: Sorry, more sleep updating. Many people transition to the crib in the baby’s room at 3 months. But, we are just not ready for that. His room seems so far away (despite our small apartment!) I hate thinking of him sleeping in there all alone! I’m not sure when we will be ready for him to move there but it freaks me out. Has anyone else had this issue?

Eating: Jacob is a very healthy eater…never turns away a bottle and always eats every bit of it. I have a hard time knowing how much he should eat. I try to abide by the recommended ounces but sometimes he seems hungrier than that. If he always eats his whole bottle, should we give him more? I have a fear of overfeeding…I don’t want him to throw up or have stomachaches! Right now, he eats 4-5oz every three hours or so.

Likes: He loves being propped over my shoulder and looking up at lights and things on the wall, The kid looks completely amazed by nearly everything these days. I just stare at his face, which is full of wonder and delight. Loves being rocked in the chair, staring at his mobile, playing on the play mat.

Dislikes: Being tired, putting things over his head, being put down for naps!


New Things: The smiles & sounds! Since last month, the smiling has increased 100 fold. He’s a smiling fool and it’s truly the best thing ever. He makes all kinds of baby cooing sounds and is just delighted by life. I think…what makes those big smiles appear on his face? Everything about life is new and exciting — he’s never seen so much! It’s made everything for me so much more enjoyable and fulfilling. I truly believe baby smiles are one of the very best things in life. It seems like even if you were having the worst day of your life, a baby smiling at you would literally be the only thing that could make it better. I fall in love with him all over again every single time.

Concerns: Co-parenting is harder than expected but we are doing our best! Otherwise, Jacob has cradle cap but I’m not too worried about that. His eye goop thing went away — hooray! I will be happy when (if?) he starts napping regularly but overall he is very healthy and happy.

Childcare: Originally, I intended that he would go to daycare part time but…I just don’t have it in me to take him there. I worry about him getting sick and just not getting the attention he deserves. To be honest, I feel guilty even having a part-time babysitter while I’m in the next room! But, that’s what I’m doing for the time being — babysitters 3 days a week in the home.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 6.26.48 AM

Crying: He has a much louder and healthier cry than ever before but he still doesn’t cry much — and it doesn’t take much to calm him down if he does. We’re getting the hang of it!

Other moves: He still does not roll over though I hear that’s coming soon. His head is definitely getting stronger and he was pushing himself WAY up during tummy time this week. He loves to lay in his crib and just kick around like crazy — almost like he’s running. He also makes fists a lot and holds one arm straight up in the air for no particular reason.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 6.30.28 AM

Momma Update: I am really good and sometimes I love him so much my heart breaks even though I don’t know why. I was reading a book where a little girl gets left out and teased at school…and thought about how much I will hurt for him if and when things like that happen. I feel I know the meaning of “Mama Bear” now! Sometimes I have these visions of bad things happening and it’s the worst feeling in the entire world. He’s truly the most precious thing and I just want to protect him from everything! I can see how Moms get too overprotective or hovering — you just want EVERYTHING for your kids.

On another note — you know how we always have to tell ourselves not to take things for granted? Like — think about what others don’t have and be grateful! I can truly say I do NOT take this for granted. I feel blessed beyond measure every waking moment. I genuinely appreciate this invaluable blessing and know that my prayers were answered more abundantly than I could have imagined.

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