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Hi everyone! So…I spent quite a few hours this week going through the site and updating a few things. I’ve added a “Pregnancy & Baby” section that I plan to keep pretty up to date and it has all posts related to those things, as well as IVF.

I also added a “Favorites” section. Checking out the “favorites” of bloggers I read is always one of my …favorite things to do so I figured I’d compile some for you. With 5 years of content under my belt, it wasn’t easy. It could be more organized, but hey, I did my best. I wish I had this thing more sectioned off but I’m not the most organized person and I feel better just having done this!

As for today, I wanted to share with you my top posts of the year. It’s always fun to look back and see what people really liked. Of course sometimes something will go crazy on Pinterest or otherwise, but usually it’s what my core readership enjoyed. So, here ya go!

1. 26 Books to Read in 2015 (Wow, this was pinned over 11,000 times — maybe a record for me!)

2. Wake Up Early: My Proven Methodology For Getting Up at 4:30am (I was SHOCKED how many people were into this advice!)

3. The Tough Part About Announcing Pregnancy

4. On Getting My NASM Certification

5. Big News: We’re Moving to Indiana (Was also surprised how many people were excited for us on this one!)

6. The Big Reveal: Our Son Has a Name

7. The Best Thing Ever

8. Jacob’s Birth Story

9. 10 Things I Learned From the Most Successful Woman I Know

10. My Experience at Orange Theory Fitness Studio

Some other favorites for me: 

So there you have it — a bit all over the place but that’s me! It’s funny how it changes from year to year. My best or favorite posts are usually unexpected or come to me out of the blue. I guess it’s inspiration that’s the magic.

Thanks to you if you ever pop over here to read the things that I write. It’s a privilege to have any kind of an audience…but blogging has truly been a fulfilling part of my life since 2011 and I’m thankful for everyone I’ve met over the years. I hope you feel like you have a friend in me! I’m always open to ideas on what to write about — and please email me if you ever feel like we can relate.

Happy 2016!


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