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*36 weeks, 1 day
Weight: 172 pounds

No, I haven’t given up working out yet! I’m sure I won’t but man, I have days when I feel like it. After taking a full 7 days off during our move, I was SO ready to get back into the gym.

There is nothing like a week off to make a boring old workout feel like heaven. Seriously! My first day back on Monday, you would have thought I was having the time of my life blasting my Meghan Trainor station on Pandora and working the elliptical like it was my job!

So where am I? Sometimes, I think I can run — and I will start out with a nice jog that feels great. About 1/10th into that jog, I realize that I actually cannot run. Two things happen:

  1. My bladder immediately feels like its going to fall out even if I’ve just peed 5x and
  2. I start getting a cramp in my right side. So usually, I cap that jog at .25 miles and call it a day. Believe it or not, even that tiny bit gives me a great endorphin rush!

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That means…lots of walking — and other stuff! I have to thank CrossFit (I know, I do that a lot) for teaching me that cardio is not the key to happiness 🙂

I learned that intervals & lots of different activities make exercising more fun, more effective and way less boring. I don’t know how I used to go to the gym and spend like an hour one machine — talk about torture!

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If I’m walking on a treadmill, I can’t do more than a mile without wanting to tear my hair out. So i do a lot of switching from treadmill to bike to elliptical — and throw in strength workouts as well. I usually choose three strength exercises to run through 3x, then maybe do another set (or not).

Here’s the new gym I’ve been using at my apartment (though I am still a member of the local LA Fitness and went there yesterday):

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It’s also been CRAZY warm — like in the 70s in…November. I’m so confused — but not complaining because I know we probably have a long winter ahead. I mean…winter doesn’t really let up until like April — let’s be honest. If last year is any indication…

Of course, having a baby in early December is really the worst time because winter is just getting into play so it will be hard to get out of the house. But I did hear a rumor that this is supposed to be a much tamer winter than last year so fingers crossed!

Today, my arms and legs are both sore from workouts this week so I might just take a nice, long walk down the road. Check out the views we get here in Indiana right now:

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