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Weight Gain: 28 pounds
Baby Weight: 4-5 pounds now!

Bump: So the bump has totally exploded since our last update. Still not as big as it could be but there’s no denying I’m very pregnant! Not a ton of comments from people but…definitely see a lot of lingering stares. No strangers have touched or asked to touch — so no issue there!

Body: I can definitely see my face is more round than it was before but overall, body still not feeling super puffy or anything. I can still wear my rings and shoes are not tight. I am very curious how I will view my body post-baby…but right now, arms, legs, etc. feel mostly the same as before.

Nausea: Nausea definitely came back and I feel nauseous probably once a day but it’s not that bad. Mostly just annoying.

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Appetite: Appetite has decreased for sure. Nothing ever sounds very good and I always eat more than I can handle — there’s just no room in there. Heartburn is a regular and I miss being able to eat a normal amount without feeling somewhat sick. No cravings as usual — and coffee still not tasty.

Energy & Exercise: Energy has plummeted! Mornings I often feel oddly hungover and move through most of the day in a bit of a head fog. I usually feel totally exhausted by mid-afternoon — to the point where I want to do nothing but lay on the couch and not move. I’m not loving it. Exercise is sporadic — sometimes everyday, other times, I can’t muster it up for days. I always feel BETTER when I do it but part of me wants to just stop all together. However, I don’t see that being good for my body, baby or labor/delivery prep! So I will probably continue exercising at least three times a week for as long as I can! Still doing a lot of barre, walking and yoga for the most part.

Sleep: It’s so-so. I can usually get a decent amount of sleep but sometimes I will just be wide awake for no reason. Last week I laid awake almost the entire night and was miserable. I often just can’t get comfortable not matter how I lay. I have a weird pain in the right middle of my back. Plus, I get out of breath super easily, even when just getting up to pee. But it’s weird because I can workout feeling normal, then feel out of breath just getting into bed. Wacko!

Kicks: The moves totally changed since last we updated. From kicks to full out limb movements sprawling across my body. I will feel that little body pressed up against my hand and it’s crazy! I’ll feel him all the way over on my right side near my hip and on the left side on my ribs. Not a lot of room in there! A few days ago, it was an all out movement party and we just watched my stomach move all over the place. Sometimes I think he has the hiccups but I can’t tell.

Stuff: We have SO MUCH. After two baby showers and amazing friends/family, we are well stocked. Unbelievably, we still need a lot so when we get to Indiana we are going to buy: Crib, changing table, high chair, rocking chair, bottles and…more diapers of course.

Feelings: A million…despite him being in there kicking like crazy, he still doesn’t feel real yet. We say “Jacob this and that” all the time but we still can’t see him so it’s weird. I had a bad dream the other night — just nerves no doubt but it was scary. You can’t help but think of every worst case scenario sometimes. I’m sure this will happen for the rest of his life, ha ha. I’m always an emotional roller coaster so some days I feel ready to take this on and other days, I’m like — how am I going to handle it? I am just hoping I can handle the emotional side for myself when the time comes — the lack of sleep, frustration, massive changes. It’s a whole new world.

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