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So I got to spend another awesome weekend in Steamboat Springs, Colorado this year! You may remember my trip there last year — and this year was just as great.

I do some consulting work for The Steamboat Institute and was invited to appear on a panel at their Freedom Conference on millennials. I’m an old millennial (barely make the cut off) but still made it!

Luckily, I was able to bring my parents as guests this year — a fun experience since I usually just see them when I visit Indiana.

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We met up in Denver and flew on a tiny plane over to Haden, the closest airport to Steamboat Springs. Then, it was a 30-minute drive to the Steamboat Grand Hotel, which is really nice. We ahd a 2-bedroom condo, which was fabulous, inside the hotel. Felt like a queen!

The weather was a little rainy on the first day but the rest of the weekend was gorgeous, especially our mountaintop dinner. You ride a massive gondola all the way up to the top of the mountain where there is a lodge and an incredible view!

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Earlier in the day, we attended all the awesome panels and speakers, including a lunch time speech from Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson. You may recall that I met him last year as well. It was more fun this time because my Mom got to meet him as well! I have fun telling my parents about some of the cool political figures I’ve met but they never get in on the action themselves.

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Here are a few other photos of the area, which I can imagine is completely packed and crazy during the winter ski months. I also heard a rumor that more Winter Olympic Athletes come out of Steamboat than anywhere else!

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On the last night, we saw a concert from the group Madison Rising — they do a lot for our troops and perform overseas. They put on a great show, breaking out some Metallica, Johnny Cash and a very rockin’ version of the Star Spangled Banner.

The altitude of the mountains definitely got to me over the weekend. That combined with not enough sleep and pregnancy made this girl pretty sluggish but I still enjoyed myself and the people I got to hang with!

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Even at almost 27 weeks my bump still wasn’t showing that much in this dress but I did take a pic of it for bump-sake 😉

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