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The Facebook privacy message has re-surfaced on the Internet. You know, the one where people copy/paste a message to their Facebook profile saying they don’t consent for Facebook to legally use any of their photos, info, etc.? Yeah, well its all crap — as Facebook and many hilarious fake messages making fun of it have shown.

But it got me thinking — I don’t give a rip about my privacy. I don’t care if the whole world sees all my photos. I have had this blog for 4.5 years and tried really hard to get people to come read about my life and share it with others on the Internet.

I’m not sure the difference between me and other people — those who lock their Instagram and Twitter accounts, don’t become friends with anyone who isn’t a close friend or family member on Facebook — or would rather die than share a personal story online.

Is it just because I’m a digital extrovert? I’m generally speaking an extrovert in general but excessively so online. I love sharing my life, my ideas, my questions with others — and have met so many wonderful people because I do. If I have a question or a need, I ask my Internet friends — and they usually deliver.

It has opened up a ton of great conversations about eating disorders, infertility, anxiety, healthy living and plenty of political issues (that I don’t write about on this blog but in other places.) So many times when I have spoken with groups about using social media, they are so hesitant to go public with their accounts. Sure, there is always a risk there if you run for office in the future — or you are prone to typographical gaffes (hey, don’t send those without a little thought!).

But, I’ve been doing the social media thing for over 10 years now and the only it’s done for me is help me build a very cool career. I love the digital community, my “neighbors” who read the Sweet Life from overseas (I see you Google Analytics!) and the kind comments I receive from people I’ll probably never meet in real life. Yes, I feel like I “know” people that I don’t actually know but I’ve learned, grown & seen so much I wouldn’t otherwise had they chosen to be private.

Several times am week I have something to share that I might label “cry of the day” or something over sentimental. It’s always because someone chose to open their life and heart to the rest of us and show us love, sacrifice, sadness, beauty. We see so many beautiful human stories now because of the Internet — people we would never meet without removing the boundaries of privacy. We are less alone because we choose to share — and we never know who we will help feel less alone too.

Perhaps it’s a natural instinct for me to disregard my privacy. I know it’s not that way for everyone — and I know this Facebook privacy fear is about far more than just sharing the parts of your life you choose — but I’d say to keep an open mind. You never know who you will meet, reach or effect.

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