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On Saturday, I went to Zumba for the first time in at least 2 or 3 years. I used to go sometimes when I was a member of the Washington Sports Club. I remember when I first heard of this weird class. It took me awhile to actually try it, as I thought I wouldn’t be able to “get it.”

Well, if you’ve taken Zumba, you know you don’t have to “get it” — you just get in there and start moving.

My favorite classes are the really big ones where people are just flying their dancing freak flags…so to speak.  I hadn’t planned on attending Saturday but happened to arrive at my gym, LA Fitness, just as class was beginning.

I looked around at all the people and knew I had to stay. I swear it was the most diverse group of (mostly) women in one exercise class I’ve ever seen. Diverse in age, weight, color and more — so great! And the teacher was awesome — she was so into the music and having a blast herself, moving around the room, getting everyone pumped up.

The sweat was flowing and everyone was moving. I kept getting every move wrong and while normally, you might feel silly in a smaller class, I couldn’t have cared less. I just kept trying to catch on and then put a little rhythm on. I’m the whitest of all white dancers…it’s kind of embarrassing but all I wanted was a good workout so I went for it.

If there’s anyone out there reading who wants to workout but hates traditional workouts, Zumba is such a great way to get started. I mean, remember when I wrote my friend losing 50 pounds?

Anyway, my class just inspired me to remind you how much fun working out can be and encourage you to check it out if you need something, fun, new and energizing to try!

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