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We had a fun weekend exploring our surroundings. It’s nice living in a place where there are multiple new trails and places to try, even when you have lived here for 9 years!

First, I will tell you how my pregnancy workouts have been going. All in all — good! I’m back to feeling nearly normal, that second trimester bliss I suppose, so getting up has been easier and so have workouts. Here’s what I’ve been up to in the past week:

  • Monday: Xtend Barre
  • Tuesday: Barre Tech (Burn – so more cardio!)
  • Wednesday: Revolve Spin (45 min.)
  • Thursday: 3-mile walk, 60 push-ups (knees!)
  • Friday: Xtend Barre
  • Saturday: 3.5 mile hike
  • Sunday: 3 mile walk

So, as you can see I’m keeping up. I don’t put as much into it as I used to but feels good to stay active. I’ve decided that Xtend Barre is by far my favorite barre class. It’s much more active and sweaty. I don’t love the Pure Barre format of tons of tiny little pulses for endless amounts of time. However, I still sometimes go there because I can only go to Xtend 3x a month on Class Pass.

Scott’s Run Park

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Love when Rick finds a new place for us to try! This was only like 20 minutes from our house but I had never been there! So we went hiking — and going early was a great idea because we actually found a parking spot.

Later in the day, we headed over to the water near our house. It’s pretty gross water and I would never consider actually eating fish from it but we wanted to try out our new fishing poles.

I wasn’t that into it but the minute I tossed my line out there, I caught a fish within 10 seconds — can you believe that? Beginners luck!

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It was a very summer-y, active weekend. Can’t believe it’s already August! We also went to see Mission Impossible (ugh!) and Vacation (which was really not that funny, I’m sorry to say.)

How was your weekend? 

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