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Wow is it hot! Though I’m already dreading winter, we are in a heat wave over here right now. Whatever the temp, though, I’m always ready for the weekend. We started ours off with dinner at Outback Steakhouse — I’m such a sucker for good old meat and potatoes. Normally, I get a filet but went for the ribs this time — soo good!

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Oh yeah, before that I spent some time outside. I work from home on Fridays, which means I get to be a bit more free. I started off the morning working at my new favorite spot, Northside Social. It’s a hip little coffee place in Arlington that is nearly always extremely busy but during the day, there is always a parking spot and a table to sit at. Their line never dies though! I had this amazing homemade granola with fruit & greek yogurt while I worked:

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I also met another blogger sitting next to me and hopped on over to visit her site, The Love Jump. Very cute about finding love for anyone who is still on the search!

In the afternoon, I forced myself to head out for a walk. You know I have to get my movement in. I really didn’t want to go (you’ve heard that one before) but of course, was glad I did. I walked down the Mt. Vernon Trail around 3.25 miles and ran into some beautiful scenes!

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Saturday morning we were up and headed to grab coffee and donuts at Dunkin’. I always get sour cream! Then it was name your adventure. We honestly don’t have a ton going on on the weekends for right now so I’m always itching to get out of the neighborhood. So…I just Googled, “best day trips DC area” and came up with a top 10 list. We didn’t want to drive toooo far so when I saw a listing for a place called Harve de Grace, Maryland that was only 75 miles away, we said let’s do it. So…we loaded up and got on the road to Harve de Grace knowing only that there was a boardwalk and a light house.

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So there wasn’t much too the lighthouse area but it was still really pretty. So many great water place around here! We walked around the deck area and then heard live music. Apparently, there was an art festival going on in this little town. Well, if I hear live bluegrass gospel, I go running! So we headed over to the festival area and got our fill our homemade crafts, festival food and some old school singing.

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We headed back to Virginia after having a good lunch on the water at a place called the Tidewater Grille. That night, we went to see “The Gift,” — the new movie with Jason Bateman. It was actually really good — not your traditional horror movie. It wasn’t really horror at all, but quite thought provoking. Both of us gave the movie an “A” which is pretty uncommon for us (we watch A LOT of movies!)

On Sunday, it was all errands! I had to go get my computer fixed (costing $400, boo!), go grocery shopping and do some other random stuff. Usually we go to church but skipped this week! In the afternoon, we drove down towards Mt. Vernon to get on a less familiar part of the trail. I’ve walked and marathon trained SO many miles upon miles on the trail by our house, I’m like…pretty sick of it. We saw this part of the trail when we went to George Washington’s house and man, I wish I had thought to drive down here during marathon training. Next time around! We walked about 4 miles in the mid-day sun…not too bad with lots of shade. Rick knows how much I need to get my exercise in to feel good so I appreciate him being a trooper and taking these walks with me!

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That is a cheap maternity workout shirt I bought from Old Navy online. I only have like one pair of shorts I can still wear right now. I mostly wear capris to my classes but shorts are a must in this heat! I also bought some maternity stretch pants from Old Navy, along with a dress I found for $12. I’ve gotten most of my maternity clothes at Motherhood Maternity in the mall, though. Online shopping is hard because of sizing and I had messing with sending stuff back!

I really enjoy Sundays — more than Saturdays oddly. I feel more relaxed and less anxious about being busy. After the walk, I spent some time reading by the pool for an hour, then doing some work stuff. We finally bought this little tiny grill for the back porch and I swear, I don’t know what took us so long. This chicken was so much better than oven chicken!

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After dinner, it was time for TV 🙂 We actually watched “The Giver,” which I had seen but Rick hadn’t. Then, one of our favorites “Ray Donovan” (love it!) Anyway, that was my weekend in full!

How was your weekend? Do you ever take random day trips like we do? If in the DC-area, any suggestions?

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