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*This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond.

Almonds are seriously one of the best foods on the planet. They’re delicious, convenient and healthy all the at same time. The perfect snack to carry with you on long trips or just keep in your desk for when hunger strikes. Hello protein!

Blue Diamond is the Kingmaker of almond-y goodness — coming up with a gazillion amazing flavors you never knew you’d want (but you do!). I was excited to try out a new batch of sea salt and dark chocolate almonds this week! I also got a bag of regular sea salt flavored almonds and went to work with the snacks.  The great thing is, you can toss them in/on anything and you won’t be disappointed!

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1. Ice cream topping. I wasn’t really sure how to best utilize my dark chocolate almonds, aside from just popping them obsessively in my mouth (and perfectly wonderful that way!), but when I broke out my new ice cream, they called to participate. I love adding a little crunch to the top — balances it all out so well!

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2. Over Asian food. Really, ANY Asian food. I actually do this really frequently. Because I don’t buy peanuts — and recipes often call for them — I always sub with almonds and like them even better. They are always the perfect topping to a sweet, syrupy mess! This was orange chicken with snow peas and it was awesome!

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3. As almond butter. I will pay a LOT for a good jar of almond butter but sometimes it’s better to just make your own! All you need is a good food processor (I have a Ninja) and a few extra minutes. I have made this maple-cinnamon almond butter several times and it’s amazing! Plus, you feeling kind of awesome cranking out your own stuff. Then, I eat it up in about three days because I put it on everything!

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So those are just few ways you can utilize your latest batch of Blue Diamond almonds but of course there are a million ways to experiment.

How else do you love to get creative with almonds? I’m all ears!

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