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This past weekend, I had a fantastic opportunity for a free yoga class on the National Mall during the Cherry Blossom Festival. The day was GORGEOUS — couldn’t have been more perfect for yoga on the green!

The event was put on by Buick and GM and they partnered with Down Dog Yoga in DC to give us a spectacular spring experience. The Mall was buzzing with tourists and people gearing up for the parade so it took me a few minutes to find our spot, near 17th and Independence.

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Things start out with a token of inspiration as Down Dog Yoga founder Patty Ivey shared her story of finding yoga at the age of 49. She ended up opening Down Dog Yoga shortly after and 12 years later, it’s a thriving practice with multiple locations. I always love to hear stories of people accomplishing their dreams or callings later in life — it makes me feel like I have so much more time to do those things.

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After an hour of power yoga, we spent some time stretching out and enjoying the sunshine while waiting for our ride down to Alexandria, VA for a special lunch at Virtue Feed and Grain, which happens to be one of my favorites! The traffic wasn’t exactly light so it took awhile, so of course we stopped for a group photo!

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Eventually, our Buicks arrived! It was awesome to have a personal driver in a very nice car take us all the way from DC to Alexandria. I got to spend some time chatting it up with Anne, as well as Shelley, founder of the growing DC Ladies.  Let me tell you, Shelley is one inspiring lady! If you live in the area, make sure to check out the site and get involved!

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I was floored to get to the restaurant and find a private room decorated just for us! It was like a wedding reception, with gorgeous spring flowers, beautiful lighting and everything arranged just perfectly — not to mention the amazing menu!

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I have to give a big thanks to Buick and GM for a wonderful day! One thing I learned is that Buick has really expanded their outreach and are now marketing more towards younger drivers with a range of budgets. So…if you are in need of a new car anytime soon, consider Buick as an option!


Hope you are also out there enjoying the amazing weather, doing some yoga and eating good food. Get excited cause it’s almost Friday! 😉


Do you LOVE popcorn like me? 

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I’m kind of a popcorn fiend. It’s light and salty and delicious — and I tend to run through it really fast. Generally speaking, I avoid the buckets drenched in butter at the movie theater though. I usually buy mine at the store — more so I can eat a ton of it than anything. And I’ve just discovered a new brand that let’s me indulge just the way I like.

G.H. Cretors Popped Corn is light, delicious and healthy. I got a special delivery of five bags a few months ago and they were gone within a few weeks. And I mean big bags — bags that should take longer than a few weeks for two people to eat through. I got the “simply salted” and “extra virgin olive oil” flavors, which clearly, I was obsessed with.

GH CretorsAll products are kosher, gluten-free, non-GMO and made with the simplest ingredients.  Next up, I need to try the caramel corn and cheesy corn flavors!

They have kind of a cool, popcorn history that began in the 1800s — they even have a photo to prove it! Here’s the back story if you are interested (I always love that kind of stuff!)

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