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I was so excited this weekend to try out a new healthy restaurant in the area! I was invited by Native Foods Cafe for a complimentary meal — but let me tell you, it’s worth every penny to eat here.

With four locations in the DC-area, I have no excuse not to head back for a follow up visit in the near future. And…they are actually in various locations across the country, from East to West so check in and see if you have one close by.

Their menu is 100% plant-based — aka VEGAN! Can you believe it? My husband got a “chicken” sandwich and didn’t even realize it wasn’t chicken! It was made from Native’s own protein-packed material. I’m beyond amazed at what this restaurant is doing with food!

I got the avocado crunch wrap, which you guessed it, included friend avocado! They had a great selection of side dishes including sweet potato fries and lemongrass broccoli, which I loved.

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Luckily, it wasn’t super busy (we went for an early lunch) and the staff was really helpful. I could have chosen so many different items on the menu, but had to go with my gut on that avocado crunch wrap (which is a seasonal item, by the way.)

I loved that they had all kinds of refreshing drinks — like peach tea and strawberry lemonade — but they were not full of sugar, just right. And, to my surprise, our meal included desserts! Well, I know from some of my friends in the food blogger world that there are some delicious vegan desserts out there! I went with the peanut butter parfait, which was realllly good. Rick got this gigantic oatmeal cream pie cookie (they don’t go small on those desserts!)

It’s clear from my photos the restaurant is bright, happy and a great atmosphere for dining. The menu has a great variety and even meat eaters won’t go hungry here. For those of us who like to rest on the idea that pretty much anything we order will be healthy, Native Foods Cafe is a great option.

Luck you if you have one in your area!


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