I’ve said it for years — I get hangry — especially when I’ve been lifting weights like a champ.

You know, that irritating feeling of being hungry to the point that everything anyone says or does bothers you. Until you feed that grumbling tummy, nothing is going to be right on the world?

It’s not a good place to be, for multiple reasons.

For one, you aren’t your best self and a first impression can go downhill fast. Two, usually it means your blood sugar is off and your body isn’t functioning at it’s best capacity. And three, you are more likely to over-indulge and make less-than-wise food choices when you actually get the chance to eat.

Getting enough protein at various intervals throughout the day is one perfect solution to the hangry girl dilemma. One of the most delicious ways to cure yourself is by using Silk Soy Milk in a neverending variety of ways (seriously, their recipe page is unreal!)

Here’s a good schedule for you:

8:00am: Silk Soymilk Latte for breakfast

10:00 am: Handful of almonds

12:00pm: Grilled chicken salad or sandwich with a side of carrot sticks & hummus

2:00pm: Silk Soymilk Lemon Cream Pie Smoothie

4:00pm: Apple and/or protein bar

6:30pm: Quinoa bowl w/ veggies & your choice of meat

8:30pm: Strawberry Banana Fruity Fusion with Silk Soy Milk

10:00pm: Small glass of Vanilla Silk Soy Mlik (optional)

You can get Silk almost anywhere these days, even online. And since I don’t want you to ever be hangry, I have a sweet coupon for ya! I’m amazed at all the flavors Silk has come up with these days (you wouldn’t believe what a girl can do with Cashew Milk!) Check out this coupon:

What are you waiting for? Go get yourself some protein and ward of hanger now! 🙂

This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

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