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I’ve been immersing myself into digital advertising content lately so I had a lot of fun writing this post. Educating myself is more fun when I can bring friends along with!

Here’s the first bit of my list of seven digital advertising platforms you should be paying attention to in 2015:

  1. Pandora has stepped up the advertising game to include extremely geo-targeted and niche-targeted markets. Because Pandora users are forced to sit through ads in order to get to their next song, it’s a place you can ensure your ads will be heard—and that the right people will hear them.
  2. It took Pinterest several years to finally jump on the advertising game but at the end of 2014, they debuted promoted pins. With Pinterest aiming to become a prime search engine for the next digital era, this is a phenomenal place to experiment with minimal expense, as you can set your own budget.
  3. LinkedIn is a platform that people often don’t know how to tackle. There are a lot of important, influential individuals to reach on this platform, especially when it comes to specific policy issues. Use LinkedIn’s ad platforms to micro-target exactly who you want to reach on those issues that make a difference in the long run. After half a billion in sales last year, they have big plans for 2015 and beyond.
  4. Facebook Native Video.Facebook has put a major emphasis on native video in a powerful attempt to overtake YouTube’s dominance in the video field. They now offer Facebook video embeds and give native video more organic reach than anything else. Now is the time to invest in Facebook native video advertising. With the organic weight propelling into advertising, you can’t miss reaching your demographic.
  5. In-App Ads. How many times do you open your favorite apps? Chances are, multiple times a day. More and more apps are allowing advertisers opportunities to get in the game. Find the apps most relevant to your audience and talk with their developers about advertising.

Get the full list over here at Campaign Now.

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