*Thanks to Jessica for the tip on this! 

Five years. That’s a long time isn’t it? There’s so much life to be lived in the span of 1,825 days. What would you do with five extra years of life?

That’s the question posed to the children in this powerful video, out from the “Design to Move” organization — and you can’t watch it without getting chills.

I’m a sucker for these videos — so well done and on point. I can’t hep but be inspired and want to share them with you!

With 5 extra years, I would write a book, travel to 5 new countries, help people in need as much as I could, spend lots of hours with my family, go all the places on that neverending bucket list we all have.

In even a day, we can meet someone that changes our lives. In five years, we could change the whole world. That’s why this commercial is so powerful. I won’t give it away but watch the whole thing and you’ll know exactly what we need to do next.


What would you do with an extra five years? Go forth and share!

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