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Scratch DC. Long ago, my friend Sarah told me about ScratchDC. It sounded really cool and awesome, but like most things…I filed it away with a plan to “try that sometime.”

Thankfully, that day has finally come. I got an email from Scratch asking if I wanted to try them out and I practically jumped at the chance. Actually, I try to make myself not respond to emails within 5 seconds so I don’t look desperate — and that was just the case with this. I waited at least 3 minutes to write back and say YES.

Locally sourced food? Packaged and ready to go at my door? Yes, yes, yes. It’s actually a genius enterprise and surprise, surprise my DC-area amigos — it can be yours too!

What is it? 

ScratchDC makes a different, delicious meal fresh each day. They pre-package all the ingredients in cute, little containers and ship them to you in an adorably box with a twine ribbon and your name on it.

Is it hard? 

No sirreeee. It comes with very simple instructions, as well as extremely descriptive bits about all your food — including where it came from in the area. So you know you can trust it! Plus — it’s all done in less than 30 minutes!

Any good? 

Yes, so good! You can tell the Scratch people spend quality time and thought on this meal. They want you to have a cool, unique experience so you will tell all your friends about it of course. They even write cool little notes in the instructions so you know they are speaking their language.

The Meal

Our meal was Spinach, Brie, Cranberry Chicken with Veggie Quinoa. Perfect — who doesn’t love every bit of that? I carefully followed the instructions and it was fun getting everything out of their cute containers.

True to the note, everything was done in less than 30 minutes and I was ready to enjoy. It was really good, including the cookie at the end. I only wish we had two cookies a piece!

Also — clean is up is easy. Just toss your containers in the box and throw everything away when you are done. Voila!

Have I convinced you yet? Go for it! If you have more questions about how it works, the nutrition, ordering, delivery, etc, visit the FAQ page here.

Otherwise, you can visit ScratchDC on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you live in the area, definitely put this on your “to do very soon list!”

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