The two ways are simple: stretching and delicious nutrition — but let me explain…

Until last year, I wasn’t much of a stretcher — or a relaxer. It seem like a waste of calorie-burning time — or getting sh*t done time. Sometimes it feels like it takes forever and I can never hold the positions long enough.

But it turns out, you learn stuff as you grow older. Important stuff. Stuff like…stretching and deep breathing can enhance your, your mind, your moment in ways you never know. Things like drinking delicious Silk Soy Milk and feeling good about the positive decisions you are making.

You learn to slow down, analyze a bit and think a tad more rationally. Recognizing the importance of making good decisions about your body is part of enjoying and relishing the real moments in our lives.

So I started stretching. And breathing. And putting better things into my body.

It started when I hurt my back last year. When I couldn’t run and couldn’t CrossFit, I plopped myself down in a yoga class and start stretching things I didn’t know could be stretched. That was an eye opener. But I learned a few basic moves and filed them away.

Did you know there’s a way to WAKE UP without three cups of coffee? There’s a way to push away (at least a little) stress and anxiety when it comes charging through in the evenings? You can stop, clear your mind, and go through the motions of stretching.

You can also remind yourself of what a capable body you have, fill it with good things that make it strong. Silk Soy Milk is one of thing things I use daily to feel great. My smoothies always include soy milk!

My Stretching

A few of things I stretch out in the morning, usually whether I work out or not are listed below. I also often do the yoga sequence when I need to wake, relax, breathe or distract myself from doing something I shouldn’t, like overeating, etc.

Spinal stretch
Pigeon pose
Neck rolls

I can’t tell you how much this simple exercise has done for me. I’ve not done a lot of yoga in my life but there’s a peace in this little sequence. It feels clean and bright and good.

Like doing the stretching, I want to fill my body with things that make it feel the same way. In the past few months, I’ve been doing that with Silk Soy Milk. I was not getting enough calcium in my diet and I knew this would be a great way to check that off my list. I love using Silk in my smoothies — where I try to stuff in as much nutrition as I can in one cup.

They’ve also got Silk protein powder and a ton of flavors and varieties to choose from.

When I know I’m eating what I should and getting the tension out of my body and refreshing, everything else seems possible. Do you know what I mean? I encourage you to make some positive changes in your own fitness journey. You never know what you might discover!

What are you doing to know you are on the right health track? Is stretching a part of your daily routine? Is Soy Milk part of your diet?

This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

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