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The Greens

My ideal day of nutrition would include vegetables at every meal. I think about how much I need vegetables all the time and somehow, I never seem to get enough. It’s not that I don’t like them — I LOVE roasted veggies, a kale salad, brussel sprouts, love it all. But, it requires preparation — unlike fruit which you can just pop in your mouth. I can take a bag of raw carrots to work but chances are slim I’ll eat them.

I’m a work in progress and do the best I can. But I know when I’m eating optimally, everything in life goes better. And while I’ve got the exercise part down — love it and do it all the time as you know, nutrition has always been my rough patch. But things are changing.


Not only have I begun to incorporate more vegetables into my life, but I found a way to make it even easier than I realized was possible. Enter Aloha Blend Box of Daily Good GreensIt’s actually dried green juice and supplies 2 servings of fruits and veggies in a packet with whole-food vitamin D. All you have to do is  mix 1 packet of powder into 8-10 0z. of your favorite drink, smoothie, protein shake, juice, or water to enjoy.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 7.44.23 AM

Also? It’s a 100% natural, vegan whole-food product which in turn energizes, hydrates, and cleanses. You don’t have to work too hard to sell me on that one. It will also help with another vice I’m looking to cut back on…


The Alcohol

Alcohol is a fun, indulgent part of life — but it can start to peel away health benefits if you’re not careful. For me, having a glass or two of wine on the weeknights resulted in sluggish mornings and mediocre workouts. Not to mention, extra calories I didn’t need. I often feel drawn to to the wine bottle after a long day at work but the temporary fix doesn’t last long and I feel like it’s  hindering more than helping.

As part of my path to a better life (as we should all strive for each day), I’m cutting back on the amount of alcohol I drink — and I think this will benefit me physically and mentally in the long run. Because alcohol is a depressant, it’s not good on the regular for someone like me.

pineapple drink

My Journey

It’s easy to trek through life making excuses or not making changes because it’s inconvenient but doing so is to your detriment. It’s NOT easy to change but habits can truly change your life. That’s why I’m starting the HABIT of getting my greens at 2 out of 3 meals a day and taking Aloha Blend Box of Daily Good Greens to supplement my nutrition. That’s why I’m cutting back on alcohol and making a HABIT of saying no when its not going to do me any favors later.

My life journey has been a blast but it hasn’t always been easy. Making healthy, positive changes and creating habits that work has been a huge part of making me happy, healthy and successful. When I eat clean, limit alcohol and exercise regularly, I’m more productive, more fulfilled and more inspired. It’s easy to miss the sweet or magical parts of life when you don’t have a clear mind. Don’t do that!


I encourage you to evaluate your lifestyle as it stands figure what you need to add or eliminate to take a step forward. I encourage you to check out the Blend Box of Daily Good Greens from Aloha. You can actually sign up for the Free Trial that comes with 6 daily green powders in all three flavors to try. The trial is 14 days with the benefits of becoming auto enrolled into the monthly subscription.


As for me? I’ll let you know how things are going in a few weeks! 😉

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