I look best when I sweat. Without a speck of makeup, that pink glow rising to my cheeks, the glistening sparkle in my eye as endorphins make their moves. I hate being photographed without make up. But post-workout? No problem — because there’s something about getting my heart rate up and my brain on the move that makes a hidden beauty come out to play.

Sweat is evidence of hard work.

Sweat is progress towards a goal.

Sweat is your negativity dripping out of you.

Sweat is representing the best that you can be.

When I sweat, everything seems possible and that realization appears on my face. My body rewards me by giving my mind and spirit a boost as well as my lungs and legs.

People often say, “Oh I look horrible, I just worked out!” I always found that odd because the gym (or wherever) is the place you can come back from looking like a million bucks. Attitude, sweat and spirit go a heck of a long way.

It’s not about mascara or clothes or jewelry. It’s about doing what our bodies were born to do — move and breathe ad dream.

Sometimes we forget about the sweat — and what it means, and how it makes us feel. Don’t let excuses, early mornings, overeating, bad moods or work overload keep you from one of the greatest, free beauty secrets of all time.

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