EVEN Hotels. Two weeks ago, I got an email asking if I wanted to stay a night at a new healthy lifestyle focused hotel that just opened in Rockville, MD.

I’d never really heard of such a thing but it sounded right up my ally. They had invited some local media and bloggers to experience the hotel by hosting us for a night, sampling drinks, dinner and workout classes offered. Well, sign me up Sally!

EVEN Hotel in Rockville was actually about a mile from my old apartment! It was cool being back but strange staying in a hotel. Either way, I was excited for the opportunity.

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When you first walk in the hotel, it’s well-lit, new and fresh smelling — and you are presented with an option of various infused waters with flavors like rosemary mint, watermelon basil and strawberry.

The workout center is actually off to the right of the lobby area — something the developers did intentionally. Through surveys, they found people don’t really like how hotel gyms are often in the back, in dark corners and hard to find. So, EVEN put the gym front and center, facing outward towards the sun. They camoflauge the side windows, though, so people don’t feel like they are being gawked at while working out.

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When we arrived, we first went to check out our room. The hotel also prides itself on being as green as possible, so everything in the rooms is equipped for that.

When you walk into your room, it’s very serene. Playing on the television is a how-to fitness video you can do right in your room. Each room is equipped with a workout station, including a yoga mat, block, cork floor to the side, a TRX -style set up with bands, a stability ball and more.


Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 6.03.49 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 6.04.00 PMAfter a look at the room, we went down to the gym for a workout with Tammy Stokes of West Coast Workouts.

It was short and simple but effective with lots of core work! We ended the workout with a mini-yoga session. It was beautiful outside and the temperature was perfect.

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After a quick shower, we were down on the patio for drinks and dinner at the hotel restaurant “Cork and Kale.” This sounded good already!

Their signature drinks were refreshing and amazing, designed to be low-calorie as well. I started with something that included jasmine or hibiscus or something. I loved it!

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After tasting all the delicious food (I didn’t get a pic of all the amazing, crispy flatbreads), we got a tour of the hotel. It was pretty cool to hear about the research and passion behind creating a space for travelers looking for something better than the normal experience.

I know if I was searching a hotel in the area and saw something like this, I’d definitely make a reservation. They also host runs 2-3 mornings a week. Luckily, we got to go on one in the morning! The Chief Wellness Officer lead our run through Rockville, where there are actually some beautiful trails right off Rockville Pike.

*This is only the second EVEN Hotel. The first one is in Norwalk, Connecticut — but more to come!


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