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So I paused for a bit last week in the middle of all that CrossFit coverage. There was just SO much to tell you — and well, I hope you are ready for just a teeeensy bit more? Okay good.

I finally got the podium pictures and had to share. These ladies are the best! Remember when I met and worked out with Julie Foucher 2 years ago? Okay here’s proof:


Oh you wanted to see a podium pic of the guys too? Okay okay. Yes, I am in awe of those CrossFit men and all the pounds they can lift but its the ladies I’m totally fascinated by!

But, you gotta love Jason Khalipa for bringing his babies up there with him, right? Here’s the guys:


Yes, all the winners were totally inspiring but really, every single competitor made me want to be better. To think we get tired doing ONE WOD and they were doing four REALLY touch WODs a day for at least three days. INSANITY!

Anyone who says these athletes couldn’t hack it in the Olympics is crazy pants. I hope one day we see CF in the Olympics. I mean, they have Decathlon, right? We’ll see. For now, the CrossFit Games is actually a completely amazing experience in and of themselves. And bonus? We don’t have to share it with any other sports!

The Shoes: Nano 4.0

Each CF athlete was outfitted in Reebok Nano 4.0 shoes for the Games. They were a million different colors and specially designed just for these athletes. Check out the ones Annie was rocking during the rope climb event:

Annie rope climb

I love the idea of making new versions of Nanos as the years go by. Reebok recognizes that they aren’t perfect and that CrossFit is a sport that’s evolving all the time. Hearing from the designers and product folks from Reebok really showed me their humility and excitement for this shoe.

After spending a lot of time with athletes developing the 4.0, it ended up being lighter, more breathable and more flexible. Balance, stability and breathability are SO important for the CrossFit athlete and the 4.0’s have gone above and beyond to provide that successfully.


These shoes have got to be so multi-dimensional and they cannot slip! I love this video Reebok made of Rich Froning advertising the shoes. You can really see exactly how much he needs them here. Check it out:

I’ve got myself two pairs of Nano 4.0s so far and I’m loving them. One thing I always love about Reebok is the variety they offer. There are so many colors to choose from and even an opportunity to customize shoes.

If you are a CrossFitter, there is really no other way to go. What are you waiting for? Getcha some!

Before I go, I gotta share this pic of Camille Leblanc-Bazinet just after she found out she became the Fittest Woman on Earth. She is a crowd favorite and cute as a button — there’s no doubt she worked her BUTT off and it paid off in the end.

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