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Oh Independence Day! This post is coming at you later than I wanted but hey, whatever. I had a great 4th of July!

Full disclosure: The following memories may only interest my family members but I’m feeling nostalgic 😉

When I Was a Kid

I was thinking all day about how exciting it was as a kid. We’d wake up all excited because we didn’t have to go to school (still feels that way with work!) and then get pumped to go to the local parade.

I always remember it was dripping sweat hot, sitting on the curb with my hand fanned over my eyes to block the sun, waiting for the floats to ride by and throw out all the candy I could gather.

Everyone in Bloomington had their lawn chairs, mini-flags, visors and and stars and stripes t-shirts proudly donned. The local beauty queen drove my in a convertible, the local dance troupe dancing by as I stared in envy, the boys scouts carrying their flags with honor.

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A couple of times, I was even IN the parade. I marched with the Girl Scouts. Secretly, I wished I was marching with the gymnasts, who were doing backhandpsrings and aerials  on the hot concrete — something I couldn’t do.

We ate melty popsicles and had painted faces, stickers all over our legs. Then, it was time to go home and prepare for the fireworks!

The fireworks were so magical back then. We’d gather our blankets and jackets and bug spray and head down to my grandma’s church with the big hill. Us kids would roll down the hill and run back up and roll down again. We ran with sparklers and begged our Mom to buy us glow necklaces (she never would — I had the impression on “rich kids” got glow necklaces!).

The damp coolness of the overcame and we flopped back on our backs, feeling the scratchy, cool grass on our toes and taking in the humid summer air and the atmosphere that could never be replaced any other way.

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This 4th was a little different than those but it was still good. We did not venture down to the city, as we’ve been there plenty of times, but instead had a nice day off and looked forward to the rooftop party that IS in the city on top of my office building.

First, I ran:

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Great view of the Potomac and the boats chilling on the water as well:

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Then, it was time to chill and watch about 4 episodes of Game of Thrones. We were late to the game on this one but NOW we are full-on addicted. We started watching about two weeks ago and I’m quite sure we will finish the entire thing by Sunday night because we are binge-watching our faces off.

I heard Tyrion dies in Season 4 — true? Ugh, no! I like want to go be friends with Peter Dinklage in real life, he is awesome! I’m not surprised he won an Emmy for his role in this show. And don’t even get me started with Joffrey (sp?) — burn, burn, burn!


Around 6, we walked to the metro and headed downtown to my office for the rooftop party. They have an awesome party every year with an open bar, music, ice cream stands, food, etc. It’s really great of them to host.

Plus, our office is about 1/4th a mile from the U.S. Capitol and the rooftop view is absolutely amazing. The weather cooperated (missed Hurricane Arthur!) and it was a little windy but felt great.


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