So far, summer has been a strong running season for me. After spending 4+ months out of my running sneaks, I appreciate the ability to lace up and go much more than I did last summer.

Thankfully the weather hasn’t been too hot. On Friday, I went running at noon — and it was hot but a bearable 82 degrees. Although my body was feeling a little off (I planned on running 10 but it turned into a 7-mile jog plus 3-mile walk), I loved the scenery and felt awesome in my new running clothes.

It is SO important to have the right clothing for a run. Otherwise, it will chafe and burn and you’ll be wishing home was close by. I was surprised to find exactly what I need at none other than Target®


I purchased the Women’s Sporty Layered Run Tank and the Women’s Run Short with Knit Waist Band from the Target® Champion C9 activewear collection.

The tank: Loved it. It’s one of those tops with a sports bra as the foundation of the shirt plus a lighter, airier and looser top over it. I have a few of these types and this one was actually my favorite because the bra was a great fit and hold for me. Plus, I absolutely love that you get air flowing through. As someone who would NEVER run in a sports bra alone, this is the answer to my summer running problems!

The shorts: SO comfy. I was immediately in love with them because, though they have a tight waist band, the shorts are actually roomy, soft and comfortable. I was excited that I got to choose this awesome design. It reminded me of some other more expensive brands but these are just as good at a much lower price. Running in them was also great. They never bother me — no chafing — and breathable.



I actually ran some sprints this weekend as well, which is what was going on in these pictures. Sprints aren’t exactly my strong point but I know how important they are for getting faster so I sometimes grin and bear it.

Other good news? I actually wore this outfit to run errands because it was so comfy! Perfect for hitting the store, doing chores and running through all those Saturday things.

Always make sure you’ve got the right clothes on!

Oh and if you are like me, toning your shoulders is a priority. It makes all the difference in the summer cause we’re all wearing tank tops. Luckily, PopSugar has a great, quick workout video just to tone your shoulder area (score!) Check it out:

Another view of my new duds:

runshort3 targetrunshorts

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Target® C9 through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Target® C9, all opinions are my own.

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