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I’ve had a lot of opportunities lately to spotlight people in my life who love and support me — and who I love and support back! I feel like the most fortunate girl in the world and truly have an amazing family and some awesome friends. My life is FULL of love! So when Red Envelope asked me to participate in their #redGIFT: Thank Your Rock Project, I had to go for it.

While thinking of who I wanted to dedicate this post to, I had a lot of options but I kept coming back to one — my husband, Rick. I know I recently wrote our one year anniversary post but this week is actually our 4-year anniversary of being together so I think that merits another, don’t you?

How is he my “Rock?” Lets count the ways:

  • He will listen to every anxiety, ache, complaint, worry or fear even if he’s heard me say it before a million times. 
  • He reassures me anytime I’m feeling “less than” and makes me truly believe that’s simply not true. 
  • He comes up with great ideas when I need to brainstorm and is always there to help with blog posts (aka photographs!)
  • He tells me one day I will make a great Mom, even though I’m a little worried about it. 
  • He gets finances and makes me feel NOT completely overwhelmed by them. 
  • He wakes me up everyday and makes me laugh within a few minutes. 
  • His spirit of curiosity and learning inspire me to be the same. 
  • He makes me feel like I am beautiful, not always an easy task for a girl. 
  • He cooks dinner, cleans the house and runs errands just to be nice.
  • Laying beside him, in his arms, feeling his heartbeat is my favorite feeling in the whole world.

When I say he is my rock, I mean…when I met him, my life found a more solid place to stand. I went from all over the place to more secure and many things came together for me. I went from feeling a spaz girl who whose emotions and decisions were all over the place to recognizing who I really was because he actually saw me for who I was.  He saw me for who I was and loved me for that person.

He’s my rock for working hard, investing in the future, planning a family with me, making wise decisions even if they are hard. For making me feel good enough, strong enough, smart enough and pretty enough (even though that is a superficial thing for me to care about!) I feel like we both have a solid rock in God and that makes being there for one another that much more effective.

Lately I’ve been loving this song (“Who I Am” by Chris Young) and I think it’s appropriate for this post. It says “Who I am with you, is who I really wanna be, you’re so good for me. And when I’m holding you, it feels like it feels like I’ve got the world in my hands…yeah, a better [wo]man is who I am with you.”

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