Happy Monday all! I know, Mondays are hard but you can do it and then you are one step closer to the weekend 🙂 First thing’s first. The winner of the three month supply of Emergen-C is @Jenwim:


*Email me at ericka.andersen@gmail.com to claim your prize, Jenny!

Second? Big news! I finally signed up to take the test to become a NASM certified personal trainer. I’ve been thinking about it for a year and kept putting it off for various reasons (mostly, I haven’t studied since college and wasn’t sure I remembered how!) but I thought…why are you waiting? Now is the time if you ever want any kind of job in the fitness industry, at least on the side. So I signed up and started studying this weekend. I think I can do it and I’m excited about it so wish me luck!


I started off my day today at Back on My Feet, which I attend once a week for a 5:45am run with folks that are in recovery from addiction and homelessness. It’s always a great way to get a positive start to the morning with hugs, endorphins and the serenity prayer.


After some quality time with my peeps, I went home to get ready for work and…write this post! Let’s talk about the weekend, though. I was so excited that Mizuno sent me a sample pair of the brand new Sayonara 2 running shoe. I loved the Sayonara 1 so I was hoping I would love these as much. Turns out…even more. This shoe is just perfect for me. So I ran some miles, lifted some weights and took a long walk in them. Nothing but comfort!


On the body front, I’m feeling pretty good overall. Since my back surgery, I’ve had minimal problems though there is a lingering issue that has prevented me from being able to do much heavy lifting like cleans and snatches. That kind of sucks at CrossFit but I’d rather be able to go and modify than be down for the count. I sometimes have an annoying ache down my left leg but it’s nothing more than annoying really. I’m as careful as I can be at CrossFit and running hasn’t given me any problems at all.

Speaking of CrossFit, guess where I’m going on Thursday? I know I already told but still excited — The CrossFit Games! I’m not sure how it will be compared to last year but I don’t care. We’re staying at an awesome resort and Reebok is the best to work with. Here’s the latest CrossFit Games update (so excited Julie Foucher is back!):

I hope we get to do some actual CF while we are there. I’m already prepared to be amid a sea of the hardest, toned bodies I’ve seen since….this time last year. It’s insane how crazy fit the audience is but it’s sure nice to have healthy food trucks and plenty of coconut water.”

Sadly, Trident had classes only at 6:30 and 7:15am this weekend and I could NOT get my butt out of bed. Even though it was nice out, I still miss running on the treadmill with a good mag sometimes so I spent sometime in the little gym at my apartment reading the latest issue of People.



Today is the LAST DAY you can enter to win a FREE pair of Mizunos in my Instagram contest. Just follow me on Instagram @Ericka81 and follow the rules on the photo below. I will choose a winner and announce on the blog tomorrow. Get your entry in before it’s too late!


Have a wonderful Monday!

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