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Years ago, my mom started buying Emergen-C. I’ve been hooked ever since and for good reason. If you’re like me, you are living a crazy busy life. It’s constant go-go-go from getting really early (hello 4:45am!) to hitting the sack later than you’d like.

My day is full of stuff that requires energy, focus and enthusiasm. But I’m not into getting anything in my system that’s not natural to help me out. That’s one reason I’m semi-obsessed with Emergen-C.

I usually mix up one Emergen-C per day — in the morning before I head to the office — because it offers a natural energy boost and helps with immune support. Goodness knows, we can all use help with our immune systems.


 Flavor Love

The other reason I love Emegen-C is because of the variety of flavors they offer. There are so many — everything from cranberry-pomegranate to lemon-lime. I personally prefer Pink Lemonade.

Additionally, it’s a fun drink because it’s all about the fizz. So you just add the Emergen-C powder to the bottom of your class, than fill it up 4-6oz (don’t want too much water or you will lose flavor) and stir it up to your heart’s content. Then it’s all fizzy and kind of feels like a fancy drink.


As an athlete, Emergen-C is also a wonderful supplement to my routine because it helps naturally replenish electrolytes, which is what I’m always going for after a big run or workout.

I usually add ice to my drink or use very cold water. After a workout, ice cold is the only way to go.

Also, did you know you can actually use Emergen-C in recipes like guacamole? The lemon-lime flavor works for that — who knew? That’s awesome!

Other good stuff to know about Emergen-C:

  • +*It has more vitamin C than 10 oranges in every packet for immune support.
  • *It features essential nutrients including 1,000 mg of vitamin C and other immune-supporting antioxidants zinc and manganese, 7 B vitamins to enhance your energy naturally, and electrolytes to replenish post-workout!*
  • *Through Emergen-C Pink®: For every 30ct box sold, 25¢ is donated to fund breast cancer awareness, research, and prevention efforts (up to $100,000 annual donation).
  • *For every box of Emergen-C Blue® sold, 25¢ directly supports the efforts of Surfrider Foundation®, whose goal is to provide protection to our oceans.
  • *Through Emergen-C Kidz, 25¢ is donated the Vitamin Angels, who provide essential nutrients to one child for one year every time a box a sold (up to $100,000 annual donation).
  • *Partnering with Operation Gratitude, Emergen-C sends packets overseas to help keep morale high and support our troops’ energy and immune systems.

How great is that “giving back” mentality? I love that a company I already enjoy also has humanitarian efforts at the heart of their business. It makes me feel good about buying from them that’s for sure.


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+Based on using the USDA.gov nutrient database value for a large, raw orange.

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