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On Friday morning,I was so excited to try out a brand new fitness class in the DC-area. 305 Fitness is a dance-oriented class created by a young woman named Sadie. She started it in New York and the “305” is the area code for Miami — dance club central.

The classes are normally taught on a room with the lights low and club lights flashing to hot music at a fast pace. I had a blast at my 7am class and much of it had to do with Sadie’s passion and enthusiasm. They moves aren’t hard and you get them pretty quickly. I sweat my butt off in this 55-minute class!

It is similar to zumba in some ways but definitely had a distinctive vibe as well. Lots of yelling and getting pumped up to keep you going.

I was also really inspired by Sadie, who had this dream, and went for it. She’s truly an entrepreneur and living it out so well. She was also a great teacher and so grateful to everyone who came to the class!

*There are some sign-up deals on the website now. They literally just opened this past Thursday in DC at Bodysmith gym and some classes are actually free to begin. Check it out!

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After starting my Friday with a 305 Fitness bang, I went to work but was excited to head out to the National Mall to meet friends afterwards.

There is Jazz in the Garden every Friday and it’s extremely popular. It was actually so popular that we thought it looked a little too crowded and decided to park our little party across the street, which worked out just great. Here’s a quick look:

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In the past week, I’ve been working out like a champ and it’s been awesome. I had so much fun at CrossFit this week and after taking a full 7 days off, I was ready to be back in the box.

Saturday we worked on sprints — something that usually scares the crap out of me. For whatever reason, I get so anxious when I think them but I felt GREAT and decided to go for it. I’m telling you that 30 minute workout on Saturday made me feel like I ran a marathon. I was exhausted because I put my ALL into it. It felt awesome 🙂

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I’ve also been focusing on core lately…doing planks everyday and thinking about while doing other workouts. Believe it or not at the end of this week, I kind of sort of actually noticed a tighter stomach. Me? Yeah, I hardly ever do it but I was proud of myself for pushing through.

I guess taking a week off was actually really good for me (duh!) so if you are feeling burnt out, take a week off and you’ll be back feeling super strong the next week.

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Sunday morning, I met up with Maggie for brunch at Le Diplomat. Hello delicious! I’ve passed it a million times and was glad to have an excuse to go. Maggie just moved downtown to 14th street, which is right next to a ton awesome restaurants.

We had so much to catch up on and….Le Diplomat is also home to DC’s favorite dessert of 2014. Obviously, we had to get that.

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We were definitely full by the end of this feast but it was a perfect summer brunch.

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I came home to pick a package in the mail from Soulcycle. Guess what? The famed spin studio is launching in DC in August. I’ve heard so many of my New York friends rave about it so I’m pumped to try. I’ll admit I’m not the biggest fan of spin but I’ve heard Soulcycle is an entirely different experience.

The awesome peeps at Soulcycle reached out to me and sent me this cute gift package with a ticket for a free class. Obviously I’ll be doing that and give you a full report!

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