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Personal safety. I used to be overly concerned — jumpy and fearful — until I moved in with my husband and start feeling like he would always be there if anything happened.

In reality, he’s not always there. Sometimes I’m home alone, often I’m outside alone and the truth is, even if he’s here at home in the night, something could happen. You can’t be too safe these days, especially in this part of the city, where shady areas are around every corner.


Rather than ignore the possibilities and pretend my life never in danger, I’m going to be smart and safe. I’m working with Sabre Home Safety Systems this month to promote personal safety so I hope you’ll join me.

Did you know? 

  • 83% of homes in the U.S. don’t have a home security system. Meanwhile, there are 25,000 burglaries in the U.S every day.
  • 50% of intruders will enter your home through a first floor window or back door. Keeping all doors locked and keeping them in plain sight, not covered by landscaping, is a good way to discourage would-be thieves.


It’s such a simple step to take the time that could save your life. When you hear about home break-ins or devastating circumstances where someone is harmed or killed, all you can think about is how they could have protected themselves. Chances are, it’s not going to happen to you — but why take the chance?

It’s harder than ever for burglers to get to you because of easy technology like the Sabre Home Systems. And they have a ton of different options, including a personal safety alarm.


Here are some of the other options:

  • Motion sensor
  • Window specific alarms
  • Dorm or apartment door alarms
  • Glass plate alarms
  • Full wireless home alarm
  • Personal safety alarm (for out of the house)

The best part for me was how easy it was to put together. I’m the kind of person who would rather die than try to put something together from IKEA. So I even shied away from this but…it was super easy. It comes with solid double adhesive tape for doors and windows and instructions are very simple.



Living in a small apartment, it was nice for us to have the front door sensor alarm. We live on the second floor so it would be tougher to come in that way. The front door, however, is set to the outside and the alarm pictured below would be set off in a heartbeat if someone tried to get in.


So I’m thankful Sabre got in touch with me. They reminded me how important it is to make personal safety a priority. There’s no reason to lose your belongings, your peace of mind or be harmed simply because you don’t take the necessary precautions.

One thing I’ve learned from watching those scary true life crime shows — intruders watch your habits, know when you come and go, it’s not usually a random day at a random time. Don’t overthink it — just be prepared because #SafeIsSmart.

*FYI on the AWESOME thing Sabre is doing for this campaign —–> For each use of the hashtag #SafeIsSmart, SABRE will be donating to RAINN, an organization dedicated to helping victims of rape, abuse and incest. <——-

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