I was a major fitness crasher this week (yesterday it was BarreTech!) — taking after one of my favorite local bloggers of course! It was fun to get out there and try some new things that challenge my body in new ways.

I had heard of [solidcore] for sometime because the founder, Anne Mahlum, is also the founder of Back on My Feet. She lives in DC and started [solidcore] last year after transitioning out of BoMF. I’m a huge fan of Anne because she’s full of inspiration and passion. In fact, on the website she’s called the “Chief Motivational Officer.”

We are friends on Facebook and she always has the most inspiring posts — it’s contagious and I love it. I knew that passion would transfer into her business — and it’s been growing like crazy. [solidcore] actually has three studios currently and they are looking at more. People love it!


What is [solidcore]?

From the website: “The Lagree Fitness Method” uses slow and conrolled full-body movements wtih constant tension to work your muscle fibers to failure, forcing them to rebuild a more sculpted, stronger and solid you. The experience is a high-energy, small-group training class done on the patented MegaFormer, which is described as a cross between a Pilates reformer and Total Body Gym. 

It looks like a pilates reformer but it as actually different. I had never used either so it was all the same to me. I was definitely nervous going in! I attended the 6am class in Mt.Vernon square. I was immediately in love with the space. True to Anne’s form, there were inspirational words written all over the room and even power phrases written in black marker on the bathroom floor. Oh — here’s the bathroom sign by the way:


The classes are small and the instructor is talking to you the whole time. It was clear the teachers are taught to use uplifting, motivating phrases and talking points throughout the workout, which is awesome. It was definitely hard. My core is NOT that strong and unlike many others in the class, I had to use the side straps to keep the moving part of the reformer from running away.

It’s clear how isolated your muscles get and how this class could totally transform your body. You really have to commit to holding those positions and not losing the tension you are using or you’ll discount yourself.


I don’t think just any new niche gym could do so well but I’ve seen from Anne’s updates that [solidcore] has exceeded expectations in many ways. I’m so impressed! I believe it really comes from the passion she put behind building the business, as well as the atmosphere of positivity that you find within the studio. I had to make myself NOT by one of the shirts! Love it:


After a nice workout there, it was off to work where I had some extra time. So I went for a little jog around the capitol, which is always a cool thing to do in DC. Here are a few shots from that little adventure.

solidcore3 solidcore5 solidcore6

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