This weekend I had lunch with two new friends and I fell in love with the way they ate lunch.

For 2 hours, we ordered drinks, appetizers and meals and not one person mentioned calories, diets, fat or any other phrases girls often utter.

For context, we had just run a half-marathon (three of four of us) and were really hungry. But it’s been years since I’ve had a meal with other women when a main focus of conversation wasn’t about “being good” when it comes to food, or watching what you eat.

I’m guilty of it too but I wasn’t thinking about it on Saturday. It was so refreshing to eat with people who unapologetically enjoyed their high-calorie foods!

I hate the phrase “being good.” I hear women say this all of the time… “Oh I’m trying to ‘be good.’” As if what you eat has anything to do with what’s “good” about you.

Ladies, stop zapping the deliciousness out of lunch by scrutinizing your sandwiches like they are poison. Nothing wrong with watching what you eat but the whole table doesn’t need to hear about it.

When I stop attaching emotions and negative descriptive words to my food choices, I don’t have as much a desire to overeat. It’s about enjoyment and eating until you are overly full is not enjoyable.

I’m sure I’ll slip up on this from time to time but, with practice, the instances will be less — and I think we’re all better for that.

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