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Barre Workout. I was really excited to hear about all kinds of new classes at FitFest last weekend. I struck up a conversation there with Amy, the owner of Barre Tech. Turns out, it’s literally a mile from my house (one studio in Del Ray, another in Arlington) and she was kind enough to give me a code to try out two classes. There was no way I was turning that down!

I have done another barre class, but the way Amy described BarreTech seemed more my style. She talked about they have various classes to choose from and it combines a few other skills, like dance moves, strength training, etc.


I didn’t want to be too cheesy and take pics during class or ask total strangers to take photos of me but I promise I was there! The studio was nice and serene (there are two studios in this location), a comfy lounging area, small shopping area and place to store belongings.

I’m definitely not the most flexible person and a complete wimp when it comes to light weight, repetitive movements. The minute something starts to burn, I want to quit. I know I could do so much better for my body if I would do these things more often though.

The music was mostly upbeat, which I liked and Tessa, our instructor, was very friendly and helpful to me, knowing it was my first class there.


After spending much of my time lifting heavy barbells and dumbbells, it’s crazy to see a basket full of these tiny free weights but…don’t let them fool you. If you use the 3-pounders for some of the exercises, you’ll be wish you had the 1-pounders. It’s amazing how much of a burn you can get from it!

Spending time at Barre this week was a good break from CrossFit for me. My back has been feeling a little off so I wanted this week to be be helpful for that. It’s nice to have so many classes close by to choose from. Actually, the little Del Ray area near my house has many yoga, pilates, bar and more studios to check out.

This particular barre class was 60 minutes and I walked away feeling like I worked parts of my body that are often neglected. I jogged home (about a mile) and felt revitalized and ready to go!

Here are a few shots from inside the studio:

barretech9 Bareetech8 barretech2jpg barretech5 barretech10

But don’t you worry — after class and over at work — I head over to Shake Shack for lunch. I have heard about this place forever, and there is one somewhere in DC, but they just put one in at Union Station, right next to my office. There was no way I wasn’t going to try it.

I only got a burger because fries and a shake sounded like they might make me want to fall asleep for the rest of the day. However, some of my Instagram friends told me that their burgers are actually better than their shakes so I’m glad that’s the route I went!


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