National Mall at sunrise

National Mall at sunrise

Happy Friday everyone! This morning started off awesome with a sunrise run with Back on My Feet (BoMF) on the National Mall. The sky was just amazing this morning and I kept taking photos because I didn’t want to miss it!

There are a ton of new guys on the team right now and honestly, summer is so much better than winter. Moods are better, it feels amazing, we’re not freezing and waiting for groups that run longer if in the shorter group. It’s a great time really and the best way to start your day. If you are in DC, you should join us — 5:45am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


I had endless energy and the run was the easiest I’ve done in FOREVER. I wanted to keep going but have a lot of work today and I’m hoping to leave a little early to hit up CrossFit post-work. Hello – rope climbs today — my favorite!

I’m loving all the new guys we have at BoMF. Sometimes it’s disheartening because we’ll have a wave of people relapsing or dropping out and we don’t know where they go. When you invest in someone and really cheer their new life on, it’s so hard to see them fall back. But, working with BoMF, you know you are helping someone be better than they were before. Because, you know, it’s not about running — it’s about life.


Here is the end of the run this morning from my Instagram feed:

So that was awesome — how did you start YOUR Friday?

Democratic Republic of Congo

Some of you know I went to the Congo in 2012 and had an amazing experience that truly changed my life. Several of my friends are going back this year for the 3rd and 4th time as they continue to raise money, support and love the children of the Congo for Christ Orphanage in Uvira.

Amazingly, they have managed to raise over $50,000 for the Mango Tree School, which is HUGE. Ashleigh writes:

These kids (primary school) will no longer be asked sexual favors from their teachers and their chances of facing rebel groups on their way to school have vanished.  I can’t thank you enough for your support. This past weekend our team had the privilege of viewing this recap video of God using us in the Congo, even though the video ends with Mango Tree School it’s just the beginning for these kids and this community. Video is here:

But there is still more to do. Ashleigh is still raising money for her trip — as are a few other team members. You can donate here or if you are in the DC-area, there is a fundraiser at Hard Times in Clarendon this Sunday — details here. Consider taking a look at the amazing work these guys are doing — it’s changing the course of these children’s life in a priceless way.

Ashleigh below with some of the girls after they received the new dresses we brought them:


Running with St. Jude

I also wanted to let you know about a meeting for runners next Tuesday in DC. Unfortunately, I cannot attend but definitely wanted to pass the word along on this in case you are interested! Check out the details below!



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