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If you have two working legs, you can become a runner. Heck, even if you don’t have two working legs, you can become a runner.

It’s not as scary as it sounds — and you don’t have to even think about half-marathons or marathons. You only have to get started. Trust me, it’s not as hard as you think it is. It starts with one step. (And then you may find it hard NOT to run!)

>>>> Running: Awake My Soul

Chances are, your experiences with running have been short, too fast, not well-thought out or done with any long-term goals in mind. I’ve heard so many people say, “I hate running.” Some people may genuinely hate running but I have found that most people are simply approaching it the wrong way. 

>>>> Run For Your Life

Every month, I get major motivation from my copy of “Runner’s World.” It’s full of tips and inspiration as well as fantastic journalism. The team there obviously puts their heart into each issue — and after visiting RW headquarters last year for the RW Half-Marathon, I’m convinced that’s the case. The team is amazing — family-oriented, passionate, driven and genuine. 

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Their new book, “The Big Book of Running for Beginners” is like one huge, amazing issue of the magazine wrapped into one. Very easy to read and full of personal stories, lists and training methods, it covers everything from learning to run longer and using running as “medicine” to how to manage emotional eating, recovery activities, stretching and all-weather running.

It includes:

  • Five training plans to start walking, start running, run nonstop, run faster and run longer.
  • No-fail weight loss strategies
  • Ideas for meals/snacks to eat before, during and after a run. 
  • Injury-prevention tips
  • Inspirational stories (my favorite!)

The book is tagged “for beginners” — and it is — but there is plenty of good stuff for us old schoolers in here. There’s a “running etiquette” section and a whole chapter on find your motivation again. Of course I love the personal stories about people overcoming adversity and completely changing their lives through running.

>>>> The Joy of Running

The authors are simply excellent — especially that amazing Bart Yasso, who I met last year. This guy is so full of life, energy and positivity. He might as well be 25 years old, literally running all over the country to motivate and inspire.


Anyway, as you can tell, I’m pretty excited about this book. I’ve been picking and choosing which sections to dive into. Since I usually devour my monthly RW within the hour of receiving it, it’s nice to have some back up material.

The truth is, you get passionate about running — and then you get more passionate about life. For me buying a book on something is often the first step to making something real happen in my life. For example, right now I’m binge-reading Seth Godin and totally stepping up my social marketing game. It’s buying the book that got me “moving.”

>>>> Running: I Am Titanium (write this one after an amazing, inspiring run)

What’s stopping you? The motivation and inspiration here is endless — go for it!

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