BodySmith — clever name for a gym, isn’t it? I like it. Sounds very hip and modern. Considering it was located near Hipster-ville, USA on 14th Street in Washington, DC — that’s no surprise.

I was really excited to try out an innovative, new gym Thursday morning. What would take me all the way in to the city for a 6am class, you ask? I’ll tell ya. I discovered Drop In two weekends ago at DC Fit.

They are piloting their business here in DC and I LOVE the concept. Basically, they make it easy to purchase “drop-in” passes to different gyms around the city so you can try out workout classes without having to join the gym. For workout junkies like me — and this girl no doubt — it’s a master plan.

Right now, they are just working with one gym — BodySmith — so I cashed in my free class. I went o FIT, which stands for Functional Interval Training. I wasn’t sure what to expect — but luckily I really liked it.


It was SO CrossFit-ey (!!) You know I got the CF bug going after that. The class included a lot of kettle bells, body weight movements and functional fitness in rounds. There were only five people there, so it was a nice small group. I hadn’t done CF-style moves in so long — it felt amazing (and hard!)

Lots of weighted squats, including overhead squats with a light bar (my favorite kind of squats!). My body felt pretty good most of the time and so far so good on the post-workout scene. I feel AMAZING after really engaging my whole body for the first time in awhile.



After the class, which was about 35 or 40 minutes, I decided to go on a little jog. I was in a new area so I figured it couldn’t hurt to check it out. Really, it made me want to move to 14th Street because there were so many cool looking restaurants, bars and stores. I ran up a huge hill and back, clocking a little over 2 miles.

There are also a lot of boutique types of gyms around — like yoga studios, mini-gyms and I saw two CrossFit boxes in the span of a mile. I loved seeing all the fitness lovers out and about with their mats and bright colored running shoes. Ahh, kindred spirits 🙂


Of course I was more than ready to take on the day at that point. Boy, an early morning workout — especially when I finished outside in the chilly but sunny weather — is the BEST coffee ever!

I was so inspired by my workout that I thought maybe it’s time to tiptoe back to CrossFit? I fired off an email to my coach and told her I was ready to come back — SLOWLY. So…we are setting up a meeting to talk about the best course of action to safely get started again. You guys — I’m SOOOOOOOO excited. I’m a little too excited actually. I’m much more pumped about this than running a marathon again — which seems weird. But I don’t care.

Trident, I’ll see you next week!


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