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First of all, if you read my blog and don’t care about pregnancy related stuff, sorry! I am not going to do these weekly like some people but figured I would do them from time to time.

Today, I am 18 weeks pregnant and feeling pretty good. I’m going to copy the format I’ve seen other ladies do on these because hey, I’m not original like that. Also, I’m not going do to weekly bump photos — just occasionally later on when I see an actual bump.

Baby Progress

This week, baby is 5.5 inches long and weighs about 7oz — the size of a Bell Pepper. So hilarious how all the baby books define your baby in terms of fruit and vegetables.

He has fingerprints (for the FBI!) and can recognize sounds, as well suck his thumb and move around like crazy. They keep saying I could feel movement at any time but so far — I got nothin’ I’m told it can take up to 22 or 23 weeks to feel movement with your first baby.

Rick has been pushing for me to play classical music on my stomach every day, though I’m not quite sure it’s worth it to start that yet. However, he really wants me to and of course I’ve heard good things about it. Plus, it’s actually kind of relaxing to just lay there and listen to that kind of music.

My Body

I weighed myself this morning and looks like I’ve gained about 10 pounds total, though I didn’t weigh myself before the whole thing got started. So..I’ve gained anywhere from 7-10 pounds.

My pants are all extremely tight and I’m moving away from wearing them at all. I am loving dresses and yoga pants these days. Feels weird to gain weight since it’s probably been 12 years or so since I’ve gained weight at all.


I finally went maternity shopping for real this weekend and got a good bunch of stuff to start wearing. It’s mostly summer though so I will have to do round 2 for winter, since that’s when I’ll really be big.

Apparently, stores don’t stock maternity clothes too heavily. I need to get online and find some good stuff. Does anyone have any good suggestions of where to buy affordable clothes? Also — what are the best kinds of items to buy in general? Clueless as usual.


I’ve been working out regularly though keeping the cardio low. I do a couple barre and yoga classes a week, plus walking with occasional jogging and lighter weightlifting. I don’t notice any major changes to how I feel or move yet — but not pushing it on anything. Yesterday I jogged without pain in my leg so I may pick that up a bit more because it feels fabulous!

Eating & Nausea

While it’s much better than in the first trimester, I still get nauseous every single morning. Usually I feel sick for the first couple hours of being awake and it kind of lingers until the afternoon. It’s bearable but incredibly annoying. The only thing that helps is working out in the morning. Kind of a catch-22 because it makes me NOT want to workout. But I’m always glad when I do it — I totally forget about feeling nauseous.

I don’t feel like I’m eating a ton more food than I normally do but…I’m also working out a lot less and eating the same amount of calories. I try not to worry about it but it’s definitely really easy to say “Oh, I’m pregnant” and give myself a pass on overindulging in all kinds of things when I really don’t need to. I’m not too worried about weight gain but I know it will bother me if it creeps over the normal, healthy amount. My sisters gained a very small amount but they are smaller than me — and one ran a ton throughout her pregnancies and the other honestly just doesn’t eat as much as me!

Cravings & Aversions

I crave a lot of bread — ha ha. I have to eat bread of some kind as soon as I wake up — and the craving for bread throughout the day is pretty significant. I’ve been eating like NO vegetables because they never sound good — bad Ericka. I do eat a lot of fruit so hopefully that helps.

I also crave salty, crunchy things and always, always want to eat Jimmy John’s veggie subs. I often also crave White Pizza from We, the Pizza (right next door to the office!). Surprisingly, I haven’t wanted sweets any more than normal but I generally crave sweets so perhaps that’s just stayed the same.

I still can’t drink coffee without a ton of milk & sugar. I crave Diet Cokes but only let myself have one like once every two weeks. I mostly stay away from all “fake” sugar.

Coming Up

I’m looking forward to my next ultrasound appointment, which is next week. I will be exactly 19 weeks on that day and I can’t wait to see how the baby has grown.

I look forward to the day when the baby is at enough weeks that I know if anyone were to happen, it could survive outside the womb. I know that’s cynical but I’m always worried — and since I can’t feel the baby — or see an actual, prominent bump yet — I still sometimes can’t believe this is real!

I hope that soon I have a “real” bump because I’m starting to think I just look a little hefty. Need to get some looser workout clothes for sure.

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