Disclosure: This post is sponsored through my Reebok affiliate account. 

You already know how much I loved the Reebok #BeMoreHuman Superbowl commercial — but did you know there was a lot more to it than that ad? Reebok has this whole website devoted to the science behind exercise and our brains and bodies.

They’ve also created a cool quiz to tell you what kind of human you are! Basically, what is your “human score?” It’s a fun quiz I just took and it turns out I’m a “fitness spirit” so I strive for balance and value both the spiritual and the physical. There’s a big description of your score when you are done but I won’t bore you with mine! The end result is what’s featured above!

 Be More Human

Click here if you want to take the #BeMoreHuman quiz and find out where you sit on the scale.

Of course, I”m not sure what it means to be “more human” than another. We are, of course, all different but this is a cool way to envision how your mind, body and spirit work together to make you the person that you are.

Need a reminder about what this whole #BeMoreHuman thing is all about. Check out the video that started it all here.

Have you taken the quiz? Did you like the Superbowl commercial? 

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