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Hello Friday! Has anyone’s week been as long and busy as mine? Wow. This morning I’m off to the doctor to get another steroid injection in my back for my back/leg issues. If you’ve never had one of those, it’s like 5 shots in your back (yay..!) and feels like they are injection liquid poison down your entire leg. So fun!

After that it’s off to work for a full day and then finally, the weekend. You guys have no idea how many things are on my mind right now as far as work, outside aspirations, blog stuff and about 1,000 things I want to learn — like photoshop, investing (small feat, I know…) for example 🙂

Friday Link Love

What else did I miss this week? Those are just a few of the great things I found and wanted to share with you.


Core Power Day #12

  • 50 bicycle crunches 
  • 30-second plank hold (3x)
  • Side plank dips (10 each side x 2)
  • 50 bicycle crunches

**NOTE: There will be NO official Core Power Challenge this weekend! If you want to keep it up on Saturday and/or Sunday, practice holding those planks for record time! Check back Monday for Day #15!

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